How to buy a magnetic stirrer?
Release Time:2023-05-20


Magnetic Stirrer with HeatingAccessories, commonly used in the shape of three types A, B, C type, type A and olive, which is specifically used for round-bottomed bottle stirring. type B and type C uses are basically similar. These three types of stirrers have large and small dimensions, so the purchase should also be based on Quantitative bottle bottom size to buy.

Next, choose the right rotor for the amount of solution, viscosity, and shape of the container. Some very small rotor can stir a few milliliters of solution in a small flat-bottomed bottle, a large rotor can stir a larger volume of solution; solution viscosity needs to use a larger rotor, and sometimes the viscosity is too large to use magnetic stirring can not be stirred uniformly can be considered to use mechanical stirring; some rotors are similar to the shape of a lemon, can be used in round-bottomed flasks, the straight can be used in a flat-bottomed container.

The effect of high temperature on the stirrer. The stirrers we currently use will gradually demagnetize at high temperatures, so it is important to make sure they still have enough magnetism after using them for a while. In addition, sometimes the rotor will rotate in addition to self-propagation, mainly related to the smoothness of the glassware, the area of contact between the rotor and the vessel, etc.

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