What are the maintenance principles of the multi-point Magnetic Stirrer with Heating?
Release Time:2023-05-21


The maintenance of the Multi-point Magnetic Stirrer with Heating is based on the following principles:

As with any kind of equipment, the use of multi-point Magnetic Stirrer with Heating can not be separated from the user's daily maintenance and maintenance, and maintenance work can usually be operated from the following aspects:

1, first universal after the special: due to assembly Accessories quality or other equipment failure caused by the failure, generally accounts for about 50% of the common failures. Special faults of electrical equipment are mostly soft faults, to rely on experience and instrumentation to measure and repair.

2, mechanical after electrical: only after determining that the mechanical parts are not faulty, and then the electrical aspects of the inspection. Check the circuit failure, should use testing instruments to find the faulty parts, to confirm that there is no poor contact failure, and then targeted to view the line and the mechanical operation of the relationship, so as to avoid misjudgment.

3, first static and then dynamic: in the equipment is not energized, to determine the electrical equipment buttons, transformers, thermal relays, and the Fuse is good or bad, so as to determine where the fault lies. Energized test, listen to the sound, measure the parameters, determine the fault, zui after the maintenance. Such as in the motor phase, if the measurement of three-phase voltage value can not be judged, it should listen to the sound, individually measured each phase ground voltage, to determine which phase is missing.

4, the first clean maintenance: the more heavily polluted electrical equipment, the first button, wiring points, contact points for cleaning, check whether the external control keys are out of order. Many failures are caused by dirty and conductive dust blocks.

5, first external and then internal: should first check the equipment for obvious cracks, defects, to understand its maintenance history, age, etc., and then check the machine. Demolition should be ruled out before the periphery of the failure factors, determined for the failure of the machine can be disassembled, otherwise, blindly disassembled, the equipment may be more and more bad repair.

6, after the first power supply equipment: power supply part of the failure rate in the whole failure of the equipment accounted for a high proportion, so the first overhaul of the power supply can often get twice the result with half the effort.

7, the first fault after debugging: for debugging and faulty coexisting electrical equipment, should be the first to eliminate the fault, and then debugging, debugging must be carried out under the premise of the electrical line speed.

More on the multi-point Magnetic Stirrer with Heating use of attention, welcome to continue to pay attention to this update!

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