Drying Ovens
Drying Ovens
Drying Oven temperature control instrument LCD screen display, set value, measured value, timing is displayed on the screen at the same time. 4 gears 3-speed speed control fan, according to the user's different experimental requirements, adjust the required air volume, so as to dry all kinds of samples. Independent over-temperature protection system: when the temperature in the working chamber exceeds the alarm value set by the instrument, the bright LED alarm light will be on and the main heating circuit will be cut off at the same time to improve safety. Independent temperature limiter: high-precision digital display independent temperature limiter, set the studio limit temperature, to provide double security for the product.SUS304 Stainless Steels shell. Optional features: printer, program temperature controller. Optional wireless connection cell phone mobile terminal, can realize remote monitoring, experiments more efficient and safer.

Drying Ovens-Products
  • SDHG-9030/9050/9070/9100/9150/9250/9350
    Vertical Blower Drying Oven
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  • SWG-20/50/80/120/210
    Horizontal Blower Drying Oven
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