What are the reasons for the unstable Rotation Speed of the Magnetic Stirrer with Heating?
Release Time:2023-05-04


Magnetic Stirrer with Heating is a laboratory instrument for mixing liquids, mainly used for stirring or heating at the same time to stir low viscosity liquids or solid-liquid mixtures.

Its basic principle is to use the magnetic field of the same sex repulsion, opposite sex attraction principle, the use of magnetic field to promote placed in the container with magnetic stirrer Circumference operation, so as to achieve the purpose of mixing liquids. Together with the heating temperature control system, the sample temperature can be heated and controlled according to the specific experimental requirements to maintain the temperature conditions required by the experimental conditions to ensure that the liquid mixing to meet the experimental requirements.

Multi-temperature Magnetic Stirrer with Heating is a device that enables forced convection and uniform mixing of liquid and gas media. The type, size, Rotation Speed, Power and other parameters of the stirrer have an important influence on the effect of media stirring and mixing.

Different mixing processes need to be realized by different stirring device operation, in the design and selection of the first according to the purpose and requirements of the process on the mixing operation, to determine the type of stirrer, motor Power, stirring speed, and then select the reducer, frame, stirring shaft, shaft seal and other components.

The Rotation Speed of the instrument is the main factor to measure the quality and efficiency of stirring, and it is also the basic parameter to ensure the normal work. At present, due to each laboratory stirrer may exist in the category of the difference, so you will often hear users respond that the equipment used before the Rotation Speed is not stable such information, so why is it? Let us come together to understand it.

1, the main operation is to rely on the characteristics of the two electromagnetic material homogeneous repulsion, caused by prolonged use will make the magnetic pole is not stable or rotor wear, or should be used for a long time the motor rotor carbon, rotor and carbon brushes appeared between the phenomenon of ignition and Rotation Speed caused by the slow and fast, there will be the phenomenon of Rotation Speed is not stable.

2, not regular manufacturers, some small manufacturers in order to make a profit, not taking into account the quality, in the selection of Accessories did not do quality control, such as motors or pulleys, large manufacturers will be selected by the standard precision stepper motors and pulleys, small manufacturers may not be so conscientious.

3, most of them are DC motors, the power supply from 220 volts AC to 12 volts, and then rectified by the speed board to the mixer, so the phenomenon of Rotation Speed fast and slow, you should first consider the laboratory 220 volts is stable.

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