What are the considerations when purchasing the powerful Magnetic Stirrer with Heating?
Release Time:2023-05-22


Magnetic Stirrer with Heating is used to generate a rotating magnetic field. The design at Magnetic Stirrer with Heating manufacturers is fairly simple and involves a small magnetic bar and a holder or plate containing that rotating magnet. The bar is usually coated with plastic while the plate contains the rotating magnet. As a result, this helps to create a rotating magnetic field, which is useful for several different chemistry and biology experiments.

The main important things to remember when purchasing a powerful Magnetic Stirrer with Heating are as follows:

Liquid Volume:

There are several different types of Magnetic Stirrer with Heating depending on the amount of liquid that needs to be mixed, so if there is a lot of liquid to be mixed, a more powerful Magnetic Stirrer with Heating will be needed.

Liquid Viscosity:

The viscosity of the liquid plays an important role when choosing a stirrer. Higher viscosity liquids require the more powerful Magnetic Stirrer with Heating, and if the viscosity exceeds certain limits, an overhead stirrer is required.

RPM Requirements:

The Magnetic Stirrer with Heating is capable of high speed stirring, but if you require slow speed stirring, the Magnetic Stirrer with Heating may not be the right unit for you. Also, if you have special requirements that involve stirring liquids at a constant RPM, you need to make sure you choose a stirrer with the right features.

Temperature Requirements:

Sometimes you may need the correct temperature of the liquid (at a specific temperature), make sure you choose a device with the correct heating function.

Stability and precision requirements:

If you are conducting an experiment that requires a high degree of precision and exact temperature, it is better to use a heating block or water bath.

Hazardous Environments:

Magnetic Stirrer with Heating can also be affected by harmful chemicals. Therefore, in this case, you need to consider choosing a device with a chemically resistant plate.

Safety Precautions:

Magnetic Stirrer with Heating that is usually used in laboratories can cause some serious damage. Therefore, some types of Magnetic Stirrer with Heating also include safety features. Safety features include temperature controls to ensure that it does not get too hot to handle, temperature indicators to show the heat level of the unit, and heat resistant cables. However, safety features will increase the price of the unit.

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