How to choose a good Magnetic Stirrer with Heating?
Release Time:2023-06-09


With the popularity of Magnetic Stirrer with Heating, let's talk about how to choose a high quality Magnetic Stirrer with Heating for your use.

Magnetic Stirrer with Heating is a stirrer that is driven by the electromagnetic effect for stirring and the thermal effect of electromagnetism for heating. The stirrer is driven by an electromagnet located under the working plate, which penetrates the plate and is fixed directly to the motor shaft. The actual Rotation Speed of the instrument depends on the actual load and voltage. Fluctuations in the permissible voltage range as well as changes in the viscosity of the medium to be handled can cause fluctuations in the Rotation Speed. The Rotation Speed of the motor can be adjusted according to the requirements of the experiment.

Magnetic Stirrer with Heating starts from the panel, ceramic panel is very resistant to high temperature, but also easy to crack under high temperature, ceramic surface is easy to clean, corrosion resistance is also very good but heat conduction is a little slower, aluminum panels and Stainless Steels panels are fast heat transfer and heat uniformity, there is no danger of thermal cracking, corrosion resistance is slightly worse than ceramic. The corrosion resistance is slightly worse than ceramic.

In terms of safety, we must choose the magnetic heating stirrer with overheating and power failure alarm performance, otherwise the temperature will overheat the experimental accidents or even fire, Smcon Lab magnetic heating stirrer not only has a dual circuit temperature limit protection function, there are also after the shutdown of the residual temperature reminder function, to prevent high temperature injuries, to ensure the safety of use.

There are generally 2 kinds of panels, square panel and round panel, each has its own advantages, but choose a larger panel area of Magnetic Stirrer with Heating will be more convenient to operate.Smcon LabMagnetic Stirrer with Heating stirring capacity has been greatly enhanced, one of them can be stirred One of the Magnetic Stirrers can stir up to 200L (water).

The main component of the Magnetic Stirrer with Heating is the motor. Generally, a DC brushless motor is preferred for its longer life and higher torque, while an AC motor is slightly less powerful, and Smcon Lab Ltd. uses high quality DC brushless motors for all of its stirrers.

There are two choices when choosing the digital display Magnetic Stirrer with Heating, one is the temperature controller directly inside the stirrer, so that the instrument is simpler and easier to operate, and one is the Magnetic Stirrer with Heating external temperature controller, the advantage of this kind is that you buy a set of instruments, is equal to the same as buying 2 pcs of One is Magnetic Stirrer with Heating with external temperature controller, the advantage of this kind is that when you buy one set of instrument, you are buying 2 pcs of instrument, Magnetic Stirrer with Heating+PID Temperature Controller, both of them can be used separately.

Smcon Lab Magnetic Stirrer with Heating is available in a wide range of styles and stirring capacities, there is always one that will meet your needs.

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