The use of the multi-point Magnetic Stirrer with Heating is "rule-based".
Release Time:2023-02-27


There are rules for using Magnetic Stirrer with Heating, what are they? Follow Smcon Lab to find out.

In the use of multi-point Magnetic Stirrer with Heating, the operator should first check the instrument against the instrument Synopsis with Accessories are complete, such as stirring, power cord, etc.; speed should be gradually adjusted from low to high speed, zui good not to high-speed gear directly start, so as to avoid the stirrer is not synchronized, caused by the jump; Can not be heated when not stirring, should cut off the power supply when not working; the instrument should be kept clean and dry, especially do not make the solution into the machine; stirring if you find that the stirrer jumping or not stirring, please check whether the beaker is smooth, whether the position is correct; multi-point Magnetic Stirrer with Heating use zui good to be able to connect to the ground wire.

The operation of the Magnetic Stirrer with Heating should be in accordance with the relevant instructions and strictly follow the steps on the Synopsis as follows:

1. Place the Multi-Point Magnetic Stirrer with Heating in a beaker containing the solution.

2、Place the beaker on the Hot Plate and insert the sensing element.

3、Turn on the power, adjust the heating speed and turn on the stirring.

4、When stirring, adjust the speed knob slowly, adjusting too fast will make the stirring rotor out of the magnetic force of the magnet steel, and keep jumping. You should quickly turn the knob to the stop position, wait for the stirrer to be stationary, slowly increase the speed of stirring, and stabilize the speed step by step. Room temperature viscosity of the liquid, often poor thermal conductivity, heating and stirring, should not be rapidly warmed to avoid container rupture. Should make full use of the thermostat device, gradual graded temperature rise, and must be inserted into the sensing element of the external water jacket.

5, want to measure the temperature of the container can slowly turn the thermostat knob so that the temperature indicator red mark down, when the red light, the instant red mark indicates the temperature that is the temperature of the liquid inserted into the measuring element.

We hope that the contents of the introduction to help you!

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