Industrial Magnetic Stirrers
The Large Magnetic Weighing Stirrer is designed for stirring large quantitative mixtures of liquids or solids up to 1200rpm Rotation Speed with timer and weighing function. The connecting rod is easily removable for transportation and storage.
Technical Data
Products LVMS-200M-W
Worktop 600mm*600mm Combined error of the whole weighing platform <0.5%Max
Rotation Speed Setting Range 1rpm ~1200rpm Safety Load 200Kg+200Kg*10%
Mixing Point 1rpm Maximum noise level ≤ 70dB(A)
Rotation Speed Setting Accuracy 1 rpm Protection Level (DIN EN60529) IP42
Rotational speed error ±<2.5% Max. Dimensions 640mm*600mm*780mm
Stirring cap max ( H₂O ) 200L Machine weight 22Kg
Max. Stirrer Size 100mm*15mm Working Voltage 180V~250V
Weighing Range 0~200Kg Power input total Power ≤ 800W
Static weighing measurement accuracy class C3 0.3% Safe Temperature 18° C ~30° C1.
Display Index Value 0.1Kg Use of Safe Humidity 45%RH~75%RH
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