What are the routine maintenance tasks for Magnetic Stirrer with Heating?
Release Time:2023-03-17


Magnetic Stirrer with Heating is driven by a micromotor to generate a rotating magnetic field to drive the stirrer inside the container, thus stirring, mixing or assisting in the heating of the liquid inside the container so that the solution can be fully mixed at the set temperature, which can be widely used in the fields of biology, medicine, chemistry and so on.

Magnetic Stirrer with Heating Daily Maintenance.

1, Do not let Magnetic Stirrer with Heating work without heating liquid.

2, the machine should be operated before checking whether the grounding, to ensure that the completion of the work can be carried out.

3, in order to ensure that no damage to the Magnetic Stirrer with Heating, usually Magnetic Stirrer with Heating will be placed inside the insulating material, so we have repeatedly used the Magnetic Stirrer with Heating will be found a little white smoke or a pungent smell. These are normal phenomena, not a product quality problem, just keep it ventilated.

4, Magnetic Stirrer with Heating internal device heating has an upper limit, so in the heating must take into account the approach is to ensure that the machine is not allowed to heat only, and remember to change the state of the motor into a rotating state, so that it can be zui big degree of protection of Magnetic Stirrer with Heating. Heating.

5, after the heating work is completed, must remember to turn off the heating first, wait a few minutes after the temperature has almost dissipated before turning off the mixing.

6, to ensure that the operating environment is dry, because in a humid environment, Magnetic Stirrer with Heating is likely to lead to leakage and other phenomena, which is why we must ensure that the instrument is grounded, if the instrument is very wet, be sure to use the hot air to blow dry.

7, the operation process must be careful not to be burned, because the general temperature is relatively high.

8, for safety reasons the back of the instrument is equipped with a Fuse, you can check whether you need to replace it when the device is energized and still does not work.

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